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A chatbot is software that simulates human-like conversations with users via text messages in chat. Its main purpose is to help users by providing answers to their questions.

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Streamline your survey experience with our Effortless Survey Software. Gather no-brainer surveys, unlock kick-ass insights, and effortlessly collect customer feedback at scale in just minutes. Highly rated for easy setup, customization, and integrations – because customer feedback shouldn't be complicated. Enjoy a 10-day free trial of premium features, with a quick setup and no credit card required.

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Convolo. ai is an AI-powered communications platform that offers a variety of features, including conversion tools, end-to-end analytics, and AI-powered optimizations.

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Landbot is a user-friendly no-code solution for creation of conversational apps which are a natural evolution of chatbots.

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LiveChat is a customer support platform that delights your clients and fuels your sales. Support clients at the go together with LiveChat and provide a fantastic consumer enjoy in any respect times.

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Ozonetel CloudAgent

Ozonetel CloudAgent offers a cloud contact center for inbound, outbound and mixed communications with multi-channel ACD covering voice, email, SMS and social media, as well as IVR, an outgoing cloud dialer and quality monitoring tools for supervisors.

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Bettermode is a fully customizable community platform to connect, engage, and retain customers. It is popular for its customizability, the ability to integrate deeply into products, direct integrations with third-party tools, and a collection of digital interaction best practices derived from social networks.

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WebinarNinja lets you create, host, and share webinars without any worries. Get started today and created your first webinar in 10 seconds. We are a committed, mutually supportive team provided Webinars of any type.

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Jotform Mobile Forms is an online form and survey builder that allows you to create and fill out data collection forms and surveys even when you're offline.

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Soon is the leader in collaborative online employee planning. Implement auto-programming at the level that best suits your situation and give your employees freedom and responsibility.

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Freshchat is a messaging software that can be used by customer and sales engagement teams to talk to potential and existing customers via mobile app, web or social media app.

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Decktopus AI

Are you tired of spending hours trying to make the perfect presentation? Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to the world's #1 AI-powered presentation generator, Decktopus.

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VR Sync

VR Sync is software for viewing 360-degree video content for multiple users at the same time. The VR Sync dashboard allows you to upload and wirelessly send content to all your devices. Plus, VR Sync gives you full control of your VR experience with a dashboard running on your PC, laptop and tablet.

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